Transcend 32 Gb CompactFlash (CF) card defect, files recovered with ZAR

Last week my trusty (4 year old) 32 Gb Compact flash card developed a problem. It would format nicely in my DSLR camera but once in the computer it seemed corrupted. My Mac and my PC would mount it. The file system was too damaged.

It had photos I just shot and obviously would like to recover. The recovery tool from Transcend RecoverX was useless because it only works when you can mount your card. In my case it was too badly damaged. On the Mac it seems there are a few paid for software packaged (around 40 dollar) that seemed a bit too much for my one time need. On my PC after trying a few other, pretty poor software packages, I stumbled upon ZAR (Zero assumption Recovery). They have a Free version that allowed me to recover files from an unmountable CF card. It just scans block for block to see if it can find anything that looks like the file formats it knows. It found my CR2 files as TIFF but that was easy renamed later. So after about an hour I had my photos! Kudos to ZAR.

Oh and the good people at had my 4 year old CF card replaced under Life Time warranty within a few days. It is nice when getting warranty isn’t a hassle.

Above & Beyond “We are all we need Tour” live in Amsterdam Paradiso 30 January 2015

Fantastic show last Friday Paavo and Tony. Great atmosphere in this relatively small and old concert hall (Paradiso Amsterdam).


SSD Boot drive of my Mac Mini broke after 8 months: OWC 120Gb Mercury Electra 6g

Only 8 months after I installed a brand new OWC 120Gb Mercury Electra 6g SSD in my Mac mini my system started to behave poorly and slow. It took a while before I figured out the Disk utility showed this:

Smart status failing

Hmm not good. Some more tests while S.M.A.R.T. status read out utilities I found on the internet:

bad sectors

More trouble

Since there seemed to be a firmware update (mine was not at the latest), I went through the trouble of upgrading. But that didn’t clear the SMART status and performance was still very poor.

So after creating a final Time Machine backup run I took the drive out and send it to the supplied .  The drive was pretty bad so I couldn’t wipe it properly…hmm… They kindly replaced it of course. But since this is my main desktop machine it was a long 2 weeks, with my Mac Mini sitting with its parts inside out on my home desk….

Once more I was amazed how easy it was to restore a mac, booted more or less with the OS downloaded from the internet automatically during re-install. Half a day later I was up and running. Safe and sound with a fast SSD. I do hope the next on lasts a bit longer them

After: Performance is back!


Noteworthy: my backups worked. This is my second SSD still fail in one year, and hardly ever had an HDD fail on me. Mac OS X is very easy to recover.

Great sunsets on Sal, Cape Verde

Sundown with lifeguard seat

Sundown with fisherboat


My photo equipment


Previously owned:

  • Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR (Sold because I found a really good excuse the buy a full frame camera, 7D hardly has any flaw)
  • Canon 40D Digital SLR (Sold because I wanted the new 7D AF, shooting a lot of sport and AF had a lot of room for improvement)
  • Canon 30D Digital SLR (Sold because I got tired of the sensor dust corrections in lightroom, 40D has “auto sensor cleaning” )


Owned but now sold, Lenses:


Tripod and monopod

Remote control

  • Phottix Cleon Wire/Wireless Remote C8 for Canon (Bought on Ebay +/- 35 euro, works great)
  • Pro Wireless Hot shoe Flash Trigger 4ch for Canon 430EX (PT-04 Version 2, works less then great. Seems to be because of RF leakage of the EX 430)


Sold Bags

Joomla too high maintenance, move over to WordPress

Stay tuned – also testing google adsense

UPC Horizon box wifi connectie problemen

Via de TV interface lukte het me niet om een UPC Horizon box toe tevoegen aan mijn bestaande WIFI netwerk. Het password is het correcte password maar de box wilde geen connectie maken. Dus maar een ethernet kabel achter in de Horizon box gedaan en via de web interface login: admin password: admin op .

Om aan mijn redelijk default WIFI network (Linksys 4200) te kunnen verbinden moest ik de Authentication (WPA2/PSK) en Encryption (AES) goed instellen, dus hezelfde als op mijn WIFI router. De UPC horizon box detecteert dit dus niet automatisch correct in mijn geval.



Kai en Ilona, jumping

Jumping photo session March 2011

Slideshow [here]

Free online photo recourses, magazines and blogs

Online (free, gratis) photo resources that I follow and recommend:

Many of these have the “how this was shot” section of a featured photograph which teaches me how I could take it.

I use the online Google new reader for my RSS feeds, give it a try if you are not using it yet. You may be hooked soon. Much more efficient then checking website occasionally.


Kloster Davos skiing

Visiting Klosters / Davos see photos here