SSD Boot drive of my Mac Mini broke after 8 months: OWC 120Gb Mercury Electra 6g

Remco Lengers 24 januari 2015
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Only 8 months after I installed a brand new OWC 120Gb Mercury Electra 6g SSD in my Mac mini my system started to behave poorly and slow. It took a while before I figured out the Disk utility showed this:

Smart status failing

Hmm not good. Some more tests while S.M.A.R.T. status read out utilities I found on the internet:

bad sectors

More trouble

Since there seemed to be a firmware update (mine was not at the latest), I went through the trouble of upgrading. But that didn’t clear the SMART status and performance was still very poor.

So after creating a final Time Machine backup run I took the drive out and send it to the supplied .  The drive was pretty bad so I couldn’t wipe it properly…hmm… They kindly replaced it of course. But since this is my main desktop machine it was a long 2 weeks, with my Mac Mini sitting with its parts inside out on my home desk….

Once more I was amazed how easy it was to restore a mac, booted more or less with the OS downloaded from the internet automatically during re-install. Half a day later I was up and running. Safe and sound with a fast SSD. I do hope the next on lasts a bit longer them

After: Performance is back!


Noteworthy: my backups worked. This is my second SSD still fail in one year, and hardly ever had an HDD fail on me. Mac OS X is very easy to recover.

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