Throwback Thursday: 1999 Sun Microsystems benchmarking center in Geneva

Remco Lengers 8 maart 2018
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1999: Working at the Sun Microsystems benchmarking center in Geneva. Simulating a large LDAP setup for a bank. For connoisseurs,  2x Sun Enterprise 10000 (E10k), couple Sun En... read more

Enhancement I would like Ebay to make

Remco Lengers 14 december 2017
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I am fan of eBay and look for and regularly buy items. (Boy I hope this brexit doesn’t go through because I get some well priced golf equipment out of the UK without impor... read more

Bitcoin cloud mining: Genesis mining use code N3H0cQ for 3% discount

Remco Lengers 11 december 2017
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Genesis mining
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I recently started experimenting with Cloud based bitcoin/Ethereum/Monero/Zcash mining. They offer 3% discount with referrals. So if you want to get in use this code to get 3% o... read more

Review: Game Golf Live (GPS golf statistics tracker)

Remco Lengers 5 augustus 2017
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Here is my review of the Game Golf Live ( / device I have been using for more then a year. First you need to setup your clubs in the web interface and a... read more

Shutterstock Gallery

Remco Lengers 19 mei 2017
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window._wdata = window._wdata || [];_wdata.push({server_url: '', widget_id: '98dd97c6-a812-4633-99b5-114d556aabfd', host_url: document.URL,widt... read more

Most useful things to bring on a long trip

Remco Lengers 19 april 2017
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All in one charger: my favorite Anker PowerPort+ 5 Premium 5-Port 60W USB Type C This device will charge my Macbook 12inch USB-C type, our cell phones (Androids and iPhones), i... read more

Milford Sound – New Zealand

Remco Lengers 9 januari 2017
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Visited Milford Sound on a day trip from Te Anau. Hopped on a Real Journey Nature Cruise. Beautiful drive there. More photos here. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ... read more

Aoraki / Mount Cook national park- New Zealand

Remco Lengers 4 januari 2017
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Visited Aokari/Mount Cook National park (more photos here). This is the highest mountain of New Zealand. We had cloudy weather to start, the last night however it was clearing u... read more

A day with great weather in Lake Tepako – New Zealand

Remco Lengers 2 januari 2017
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Flickr galery  ... read more

Orcas (killer whales) showed up on our Dolphins trip yesterday! – Bay of Islands – New Zealand

Remco Lengers 17 december 2016
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We got incredibly lucky to get Dolphins in the morning and Orcas in the afternoon. A short of clip of the “show” they put up for us! Watch on Youtube in 1080p. And s... read more