Day 4 and 5: Rantambore Fort and Safari

Travelled to Rantambore from Jaipur, 4 hours and 170 km and relatively good road with some very bad patches usually in the villages. The Toll roads are quite usable allthough driving here is not for the faint or heart. I have seen more people driving on the wrong side of the road here in 5 minutes then in the rest of my entire life. Anything is possible in India. Our driver makes the ride rather comfortable, much different then the lives of the average Indian villager. Its hard to describe how it is here, its messy and incredibly busy on the streets but also very beautiful. Our lodge in Rantambore Bagh resort is a Tent (number 4) with a bathroom build-in. In the evening we visited the massive Rantambore fort, its foundation is about 1000 years old. The next day the safari started at 6.00 AM and one on 14.00, both no luck finding tigers. I guess they had the day off. Still it was very nice and lots of other animals and birds to entertain us.

[Pictures here]

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