Day 9: Delhi City tour

Final full day in Delhi and back at our starting hotel Florence , a slightly odd name I think but the hotel is quite nice. Of course in a megatropolis like Delhi there is an endless stream of places to visit and we sure tried to cram as much as possible in this day:

  1. Jama Masjid, largest mosque in India
  2. Ghandi Monument
  3. Humayun’s Tomb [Unesco]
  4. Qutab Minar complex [Unesco]
  5. Massive Parliament buildings
  6. India Gate
  7. And lots of others while travelling from one place to another.

The majority of the tourists here are domestic Indian travellers, and it seems one of their hobbies is taking photos with foreign visitors. Ilona is a willing and popular target. The last days have been quite hazy and therefor not so good for taking photos. Once again the local guide is great and the driver speeds us through the most impossible traffic on the planet. (The local rules are: 1: You need a good brake, 2: You need a good horn (claxon), 3: You need good luck) and usually you need all the three at the same time…but for sure you need the horn… Althought both our stomachs are slowy starting to complain we are still enjoying the delcious Indian food as much as we can. Our appetite for more fort, palaces and tourist places is however slowly diminishing… Tomorrow transportation to Malives in the afternoon, and the morning is unplanned yet.

[More pictures]

Ghandi cremation monument:

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