Day 12: Snorkling, Surfing, Dolphins (lots!) and seriously good food

After a good night sleep we woke up for breakfast. The food is seriously good here and the selection borders on ridiculus. The service is great and the water villa is top! In the morning we went with a small trip to a reef offshore and did 2 hours of snorkling, the coral and the fish are beautiful and seeing┬á the reef dissapear into the great depth is always spectacular and humbling. Ilona was quite nervous but in the end was one of the last to climb back on the boat. The boat is also a nice platform to do some jumping ­čÖé . Back onshore the wind picked up a litle bit so I tried some wind surfing, there was not enough wind to make it spectacular but at least I have checked the box “Surfing the Maldives” now.┬á After a light meal at the pool, to compensate the bucket loads of food during breakfast and dinner, it was time to head to the boat for Dolphin watching. After 20 minutes calm boating, the crew started looking for the Dolphins. Not knowing what to expect we thought it may be difficult to find them. But nothing like that was the case. 3 minutes later dozens of dolphins were swimming along with our boat and were pretty much jumping all around us and this continued for at least 1 hour. The boat was zigzagging through the waters and the dolphins were swimming along the bow were we were sat, truly magnificent and rather overwhemling. [Uploaded to Youtube: Dolphins in front of the boat]

[Photos here]

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