Once you buy a DSLR photo camera with some lenses, you’ll need something the transport them with. Good no problem you think I’ll just buy a bag to hold them. Then you collect more lenses and a tripod, filters, some flash gear….oh dear I need another bag. Pretty soon you have a decent collection and find yourself wanting even more for another specific trip or occasion.

Roughly I have 3 needs for a camera bag.

  1. Day trip, sports, skiing or mountain biking. So I am just taking the camera and one extra lens, an SD card, filters and spare batteries. This lasts for max 8 hours.
  2. A large bag that carries pretty much everything except my clothes (North Face Base Camp Duffel XL (120 liters)). Generally this is to transport to the (next) holiday location. Up to 3 weeks.
  3. When at the holiday location I want a lightweight pack for day trip. Pretty similar to point 1. Except that it needs to be as small and fold-able as possible to fit in my large clothes bag/suitcase.

So here is my current setup:

Lowe Pro CompuPrimus AW

Purpose: Lugging Camera and Laptop and Ipod and books on a lengthy Holiday trip. (Purpose #2)


  • Carries everything I want to lug around, which is an achievement…
  • Eco friendly as it has been made of recycled materials.
  • Nice looking design (I think).


  • Large, it feels even larger as compared to what it can carry. If that makes any sense.

LowePro Classified 250 AW

Purpose: Lugging Camera and Laptop and Ipod and books on a (business) trip. (Purpose #2)


  • Doesn’t attract much attention
  • Fits all I need, Laptop Camera, Lenses, Ipod, phone, video cam, books, chargers, cables.
  • Slides onto a roller bag, so good for taking it on business trips and still bring your camera.
  • It feels small compared to what it can carry.


  • Non so far (I own it for about 3 months)


Purpose: Day out and about in a city, or on the mountain bike (Purpose #1)

LowePro Inverse 200 AW


  • Can be strapped to waist for sports, a rattling bag is terrible while high speed skiing
  • Can be carried like a shoulder bag for city trips.
  • Can strap tripod underneath it
  • Small form factor
  • Flexible interior


  • Fits Canon 70-200 4L IS lens only with some pressure. Forget about the F2.8 version
  • I don’t like the place were they put the sliplocks. I wish one of the side pockets was a sliplock to carry a large lens

Purpose: Day of skiing or mountain biking. (Purpose #1 and #3)

Lowepro Off Trail 2


  • Can strap it tightly to body for active sports like skiing
  • strap around waist and over shoulder so the bag won’t come loose
  • 2 sliplocks to attach lens cases to bring extra lenses


  • Nothing

Wish list:

  • LowePro recently released the Lowepro versapack 200 AW which seems to fit my purpose #3 excellently. It can be folded pretty flat.

Bags I owned but sold:

  • LowePro Slingshot 200 AW: Didn’t like the weight pushing on my shoulder muscle over a few hours. But not a bad bag at all.
  • LowePro CompuRover AW: Didn’t like the way the camera compartment opened, therefore replaced it with the CompuPrimus.

I have been able to sell used LowePro bags for a good price so it much be said you don’t lose a lot of money when you try one and try to sell them on a local online market place.

If you are searching for information about camera bags I suggest you visit this site Cambags.com

I know there are other great brands like Think Tank, Kata and and I recently discovered F Stop.

One thing that generally bothers me is the pricing difference between Europe and US. LowePro bags are consistently 30-50% cheaper in the US then they are in Europe, I guess they are made in Asia so the shipping cannot account for the difference. So its likely to come down to market pricing…aka what can they get away with. Somehow I understand, somehow that doesn’t feel right. I am not suggesting this is an issue for LowePro only.

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