My photo equipment


Previously owned:

  • Canon EOS 7D Digital SLR (Sold because I found a really good excuse the buy a full frame camera, 7D hardly has any flaw)
  • Canon 40D Digital SLR (Sold because I wanted the new 7D AF, shooting a lot of sport and AF had a lot of room for improvement)
  • Canon 30D Digital SLR (Sold because I got tired of the sensor dust corrections in lightroom, 40D has “auto sensor cleaning” )


Owned but now sold, Lenses:


Tripod and monopod

Remote control

  • Phottix Cleon Wire/Wireless Remote C8 for Canon (Bought on Ebay +/- 35 euro, works great)
  • Pro Wireless Hot shoe Flash Trigger 4ch for Canon 430EX (PT-04 Version 2, works less then great. Seems to be because of RF leakage of the EX 430)


Sold Bags

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