Day 2 in China: Forbidden city and many of the top tennis players bite the dust…

Had a great day today. Wandered long hours through Beijing, the Forbidden City, a Hutong tour (with a twist). Used the excellent Subway system and taxi are nice and very reasonable to travel around too. The distances here are enormous, walking is simply no option. Tasted some great food and then went on to the Tennis arena’s. At the start (16.00) it rained and the play was delayed until 20.00. They we saw Federer vs Blake (Was Blake so good or did Federer have an of day?), Venus Williams vs Li Na (Li was simply very good!), Nadal vs Melzer (Nadal played solid). Djokovic vs Monfils (Djokovic won a very close and tough match). The tennis ended at 01.30 AM but only because the rain started again! The weather was very nice (22 C) so it was good to play for the players we guess. The tennis venue was excellent and spacious. Got back too our apartment around 3.00 AM……. and took 900+ pictures that day…first time I managed to fill all my CF cards….[Photos of the day]



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